Well Inspection

Well Inspections

Water tapped by a private well is often of the highest quality. When buying a home with a private well, your home inspection should include a well system check up to ensure the well is in good working order and the quality of the water produced meets health standards.Prior to the inspection, you should obtain your wells log or record, which contains information on the history of the well and the ground surrounding it. Contractors must file well logs with their respective states upon completion of all new wells. However, well owners should also own a copy in case the well needs to be serviced at any time.Your well water inspection will include:

  • An inspection of well equipment to assure that it is sanitary and meets safety requirements.
  • A test of your water for coliform bacteria and anything else of concern in your area that could pose problems with plumbing, staining, water appearance, and odor.
  • A clear, written report explaining results and recommendations for your well that include all laboratory results.